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Boyfriend Quotes To Say To Him Tumblr


Boyfriend Quotes To Say To Him Tumblr (2)

10 Ways To Say I Love You
1. Say it in a note, and slip it inside their purse or briefcase to find during the day
2. Say it with social media- in a text “I 3. Say it in a different language: je t’aime, te amo, s’agapo, ich liebe dich
4. Say it over the miles, on the phone, on skype, in a bouquet delivered to them wherever they are
5. Say it with a message on the bathroom mirror- shaving cream or lipstick work great
6. Say it in a love letter, and mail it to them (even if you are married)
7. Say it with food- write it with frosting on a cake or spell it out with berries or whipped cream
8. Say it suddenly, with a big smooch and full body hug
9. Say it in sign language
10. Say it with all your heart, say it without wanting something in return, say it with a smile on your lips and in your eyes


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