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Deep Love Quotes For Him Tumblr (05)
I love you and every raw piece of skin on your body. I love you and every unspoken word you’ve ever thought, and every inch of flesh that is yours. My love for you is as indefinite as the sea, and as vast as the galaxy which we know so little of. My love for you continues to grow just as the roots of the tree beneath the soil. I bask in the warmth of your skin, and drown in the presence of your voice. Your laugh is the harmonious sound of joy that make my skin tingle. The idea of you makes my insides warm and full of love. You’re the constant thoughts that circulate my mind, and in every dream I have, I hope to see you. You are the comfort to my pain and brightness to my life. I am a fool for you, and I’ve fallen in a deep hole of endless love for you.

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