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Distance Quotes Tumblr For Him


Distance Quotes Tumblr For Him (5)

I’ve gotten so used to not being able to see you everyday, so used to it that I can cope and go through days just fine without you here.I can be alone or with friends and I would be happy.But when I suddenly see couples together laughing, looking in each others eyes and smiling, cuddling or simply holding hands; that’s when I suddenly don’t feel strong and my heart starts to ache and I feel like breaking down. I try and stay strong everyday, I mean that’s what i’ve been doing for all this while but I’m always going to see a couple and and wish you were here with me,right next to me.It sucks,it sucks too much that I can’t hug,see, just simply be with the person I love so much but this is a decision that we both made and I don’t regret it,I don’t with to be with someone here,and I don’t blame the distance; distance was how we found each other and distance will never separate us emotionally ,I dream about you but when I wake up…you’re still not here

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