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You nit-picking mainstream headbanging pretentious MORON!How the f… DARE you call me a hipster?!? you know i absolutely DESPISE all of those stereotypical societal labels! And it’s just fracking like your hypocritical self, too, cuz i know you only dated me to avoid getting labeled a preppy jock.It’s so goddamn ironic that i ever took you under my underground wing, but you’re damn straight lucky i did or you wouldn’t know HALF the ska bands you know now! I want all my scarves, wayfarers and vinyl i back from your place, plus that old vintage bike i gave you for your birthday.You don’t deserve to ring it’s gloriously rusted bell anymore. But take your stupid camera with you when you go so you can use it to ironically document your upcoming vagabondage w/ your paranoid conspiracy theories in air quotes. I hope you die, you stinking conformist, i hope you get chewed up in society’s oppressive jaws just to be spit out to make it on your flipping own, jerk because you certainly won’t be getting another single pbr outta MY vintage fridge!


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Prayer Quotes For Family

Prayer Quotes For Family (6)

Dear God,
We lift up our extended family to you right now.  There are so many aunts, uncles, cousins, etc… people who matter, people we love, and appreciate.  Unfortunately there is not enough time in a day to maintain close relationships with everyone.  We pray that we would have grace with our extended family and that they would have grace with us.  May you affirm them and give them peace, reminding them that they matter.  We pray a blessing for each of their families, asking that you would wrap them in your love, provide for their needs, fill them with your joy, and reveal yourself to them in great ways.  We pray that you would help us all to open up our schedules so that we can spend a little more time building these relationships in Jesus name AMEN!

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