I Love My Daughters Poems

I Love My Daughters Poems (3)

Daughters……. A daughter is a blessing that’s sent from up above, She has a very special charm, and filled with so much love, A daughter brings you happiness that is felt so deep inside, As you watch her grow each day, you’re filled with heartfelt pride, Each milestone she crosses, makes her more special before, And every year that passes by you love her even more! No words can quite express the love and joy that you feel too, That comes from having a daughter, one that’s just like you!


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Perfect Country Boyfriend Quotes

Perfect Country Boyfriend Quotes (3)

I want a country boy who knows how to be a sweetheart but will always be wild at heart. The kinda guy who will take my breath away just wearing jeans and boots. Someone who will show up randomly at my house to go for a drive. Someone to teach me how to shoot
my first gun. And take me hunting with him. Someone who will protect me and trust me. I want the guy where we don’t have spend loads of money to be happy. Where just going out to McDonalds or burger king is enough for us.i want the guy who drives me wild with his smile. And I get lost in his eyes. The kind of guy where we don’t have to dress up to impress each other and I don’t have to take my clothes off to keep him around. The kind of love where we’re always laughing and being silly together. I want the boyfriend who will go with me to meet my mom and my family. The kind of guy who
will love my mom and respect my dad. I wouldn’t mind if he ends up best buds with my brother. The guy who will teach me all about his truck and even let me drive once in a while. I wanna have snow ball fights, and bonfires, red box dates and cuddling. Long talks and stupid fights, nights out under the stars, even if we were in my yard. My first slow dance , and road trips. I just want a boyfriend who’s my best friend. Someone who trusts me and knows I’m never gonna hurt him. A relationship where we’re always laughing and smiling much more than ever arguing. I wanna be happy again. I wanna feel
tht way again. And have a family and get married!


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