Teen Relationship Quotes

Teen Relationship Quotes (02)

He would scream “I love you” down the halls not caring who heard him. He’d go on a walk with me in 60 degree weather, hot cocoa in one hand and my hand in his other. He’d sing out loud to any song even if i call him stupid. He would let me sing out loud and wouldn’t call me weird. He would sit outside with me on my front step because there’s nothing to do and won’t say he’s bored once. He’ll let me look like crap wearing a big t shirt and shorts and still would call me beautiful. he would write me thousands of notes everyday at school. He would come to my house at nine in the morning to wake me up on the weekends. he would take me to the park and push me on the swings. He’d argue with my friends that he loves me more. He would spend my birthday with me and my family. He would rent chick flicks and watch them with me when i’m sick. He would push my hair away when it’s in my face. He would carry my books at school, even if he has his own to carry. He’d never get jealous because he already knows I love him more than anything and when he says FOREVER, he would mean it no matter what.

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Quotes About A Loved One In Heaven

Quotes About A Loved One In Heaven (02)

I was sitting here in Heaven, and having a wonderful day… I started thinking about you and all the thing’s I never got to say.. I don’t want you to worry about me, and please don’t shed any tears… Because I will wait for you here in Heaven, if it takes a 1oo years .. Everything I had on earth, I have in Heaven too…. My first day here my body became brand new…. It is really pretty here and love my new home… Although your heart is broken because my body is gone…. My love will always be there… As you go a long the way… Just take a peak inside your heart this will be… There is where i’ll stay…

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