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Sympathy Poems For Loss Of Father


Sympathy Poems For Loss Of Father (3)

We’ll always love you, Dad!Each day you strived to live, your body too weak to be. Your love will live forever, since your heart has set you free. Now you walk bravely, you feel the pain no more. Angels have come to guide you, And bring you to heavens door. Memories we’ll hold so dearly, Your smile, warmed our hearts. And through our lives you’ll live, you’ve touched so many parts. Hard days may be before us, It’s all apart of God’s plan. Why you left so soon, we may never understand. You’ll be alone no longer, And you’d tell us”Don’t be sad”. Please believe you were no burden, we’ll always love you Dad!Our lives have changed forever, since the day you passed away. In heaven you’ll be waiting to meet us again someday.

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