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Sisters Quotes And Poems

Sisters Quotes And Poems (1)
To my sister
For happy times shared through the years
for the loyalty, the love
the laughter and tears
for the *specail things* only you can do
for all these things i thank you!
time and space may seperate us
but heartstrings know no end
im proud to call you my sister
happier to call you my friends.

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Cousin Poems That Make You Cry

Cousin Poems That Make You Cry (3)

Please don't tell me not to cry
    Please don't say there was a reason why.
    You don't know what I am feeling,
    Or how much I hurt.
    The wet spots are from tears on the collar of this shirt. 
    You think I should go on with life,
    Forget about it and be strong.
    But deep down I am sad, and I don't want to go along.
    I don't expect you to understand why,
    For no apparent reason I break down and start to cry.
    My life has changed forever, you see
    And that is why I am not acting like the same old me.
    So please don't try to act like nothing happened,
    Because it's changed my life forever.
    I will never be the same again,
    Not today, not tomorrow, but never.
    The best thing you can do for me is just be there,
    Just like always, my friend.
    My broken heart is hurting bad,
    And it will never mend....

Cousin Birthday Poems

Cousin Birthday Poems (2) Cousin We’ve made a lot of memories throughout our childhood days no worries in this great big world all we did was play. I knew you would have my back that I could count on you even know since we’ve grown up I know this is still true. I cant even remember the first time I saw your face but I do know within my life no one can take your place. We’re there for each other and we will be till the end. By blood we are Cousins, And by Hearts we are FRIENDS!

Cousin Birthday Poems

Cousin Birthday Poems (1)
Happy Birthday A cousin Just like you i just want to let you know you mean the world to me Only a hard as dear as yours would give so unselfishly
The many thing’s you’ve done all the times that you were there help me know deep down inside how much you really care.
Even Thought I Might Not Say I Appreciate All You Do Richly Blessed Is How I Feel Having A Mother Just Like You.

Unrequited Love Poems

Unrequited Love Poems (06)

“You are not a premeditated list or a recipe of perfection.
You are not a recorded inventory of art that design a flawless human being.
You are not a checklist of qualities that make a good person.
You are raw and flawed.
You are like broken glass that create artwork.
You are a rainy day that forms a beautiful rainbow.
You are an old sweater that warms my heart most days.
You are imperfect in every sense of the world; which makes me appreciate and love you twice as much for it.
-Julie martinez

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True Love Poems For Him

True Love Poems For Him (04)

Love is blamed for so many things
The things that are associated with
Love but they are anything but love.
Looking for the warmth of words or
Comfort of body is fulfilling needs
Is strictly speaking anything but love.
Loving relationship of the true love
Is not based on mutual needs but is
Based on the pure true unselfish love.
True love can never hurt anyone
Because it is the most delicate and
Tender feeling in the hearts of lovers.
What hurts is the unfulfilled desires
Selfishness and disregard for lover
And the desire to control each other.
Jealousy, obsession disloyalty are
Among the things that result in hurts
And love is blamed but it is not love.

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